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  My earliest memories are of music my family played. Singing along with my mother.  Scatting trumpet licks with my father who played funk music and played in the horn section of the Wright-Patterson United States Air Force band. My love for guitar started with my tiny 5 year old hands on my grandmother's mandolin. Strumming chunky rhythms at bluegrass pick-outs on the West Virginia mountainsides. Listening to how the clacking chains of the porch swing match the music all the uncles were playing and hearing the drum of the raised hardwood porch tapping my foot along to a backbeat. Listening carefully to harmonize my voice.    

  Now, whether I write blues or ballads, my musical background is rooted in pickin' n grinnin'! Singing in the Joyful Noise Choir as a teenager was an uplifting and musically formative experience. I learned the power of arrangements and harmony. I have self-produced an original album called It's The Love I Call Home. and I'm soon releasing a second album that includes a few love song duets!  I play and teach music to heal and make happy friends. Music and art connects us all at the deepest levels. When I share my heart and soul through music people share their truest self with me. It is the luckiest most beautiful thing. I love it!